HP – Switch / TFTP aktivieren / Fehler SFTP disable

HP ProCurve Switches – Error Message „SFTP for IPv4 must be disabled before enabling IPv4 tftp“ when Enabling the TFTP Client


When attempting to enable the TFTP client the error message SFTP for IPv4 must be disabled before enabling IPv4 tftp is reported.


The SFTP protocol must be disabled before the TFTP client can be enabled. The commands listed here display the output to determine if secure transfer is enabled and how to disable secure transfer protocol:

ProcurveSwitch# configure
ProcurveSwitch(config)# tftp client

SFTP must be disabled before enabling tftp :

ProcurveSwitch# show ip ssh

SSH Enabled : Yes
TCP Port Number : 22
Timeout (sec) : 120
Secure Copy Enabled : Yes <—-


SFTP deaktivieren:
ProcurveSwitch(config)# no ip ssh filetransfer


BPDU Protection Blocked Switch Ports

“BPDU protection is a security feature designed to protect the active STP topology by preventing spoofed BPDU packets from entering the STP domain. In a typical implementation, BPDU protection would be applied to edge ports connected to end user devices that do not run STP. If STP BPDU packets are received on a protected port, the feature will disable that port and alert the network manager …”

Standard bei unseren Switchen ist das bei Port 1-20 BPDU Protection aktiviert ist – d.h. wenn hier ein Swicht (bzw. ein gerät das STP Packete versendet) angesteckt wird, wird der Port sofort deaktiviert.

Dieses Feature kann nur über die Config Shell Konfiguriert werden:

1. Auf Switch per Putty anmelden
2. Eingabe: config
3. Aktivieren von BPDU: spanning-tree [PORT] bpdu-protection
    Deaktivieren vpn PBDU: no spanning-tree [PORT] bpdu-protection

Port zu MAC-Adresse finden – CMD

Will man den Port und Switch zu einer bekannten MAC-Adresse ermittlent, sind diese beiden Commands sehr hilfreich:

Sh mac-address <MAC>
show lldp info remote-device <Port-Nr vom vorherigen Command>
So lässt sich der „Weg“ bis zu dem gewünschten Port festellen.

HP – Switch | Portauslesen

cdp aktivieren = cdp run

cdp deaktivieren = no cdp run

show cdp neigbors detail = zeigt alle Details zu den Ports

Booting from a Specified Flash

This version of the boot command gives you the option of specifying whether

to reboot from primary or secondary flash, and is the required command for
rebooting from secondary flash. This option also executes the complete set
of subsystem self-tests.
Syntax: boot system flash < primary | secondary >
For example, to reboot the switch from secondary flash when there are no
pending configuration changes in the running-config file.

How to view and set port names on HP Procurve Switch

To view a list of port “friendly names” on an HP Procurve 2510G switch, login to the CLI and perform the following command:
show name

To change the name of a port, use the following command:
interface [number] name [name]
For example, to set port 24 to be called “uplink-to-isp”, use the following command:
interface 24 name uplinktoisp
Delete the interface name:
no interface [number] name

How to save the config on an HP Procurve Switch

Once you’ve made changes to the configuration of an HP Procurve switch using the CLI, those changes need to be saved so that they persist after a switch reboot. To save the current running config so that it persists after a reboot, use the command:

write mem

How to enable SSH on an HP Procurve Switch

To enable SSH access (and disable telnet access) to an HP switch, issue the following commands on the command-line:

ProCurve Switch(config)# crypto key generate ssh
ProCurve Switch(config)# ip ssh
ProCurve Switch(config)# no telnetserver